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Life on Wheels is a Christ-centered, grass roots, volunteer, faith based outreach ministry bringing hope and resources to men and women who are homeless, trapped in poverty, addiction, mental illness and trauma; who are often disconnected from family and suffer hopelessness. They are needy in every way, at any age, and of any status. We minister mostly to men, whom many are First Nations.

Our outreach team consists of people of faith from different churches and some who are not. All volunteers qualify as workers if they are willing and compassionate to the cause. They do not need to be experienced or trained. Training occurs on the street alongside the more experienced workers. Some of our workers have been in drug or alcohol addiction and healed, so they bring much understanding and knowledge to the ministry.


Our vision at Life on Wheels is to see the homeless and addicted cared for and supported through those volunteers who came alongside them, offering the hope of Jesus Christ coupled with resources to address their poverty, homelessness, and addiction.


We Help CLIENTS Transition to Freedom

Life on Wheels,

street outreach

all made possible by

our volunteer workers

What we can offer to you

Faith, Hope, Love - and the greatest of these is love!

  • Time to sit and engage, listen and offer words of encouragement to our clients in a godly and peaceful environment. Drugs, alcohol, smoking and abusive language are not tolerated at our site.
  • A dry and warm shelter from the wind, rain and cold
  • A cooling place during the hot summers
  • Food vouchers for the people on poverty income in an apartment, etc.
  • Driving to appointments, to home, to shop, and to Church
  • Intake for Life on Wheels 7-10 day natural Detox and follow-up application for a faith based rehab on the mainland.  We support you from start to finish, no cracks to loose you
  • Education on opioid addiction, staying healthy, detox plans, detox/rehab centers; community resources; COVID protocols.
  • Hand and foot washing care 
  • Basic first aid treatment; wound care
  • Vitamin Therapy and supplements for Stress therapy
  • Toiletry bags: shampoo, conditioner, body moisturizer, tooth brush, toothpaste, wash cloth,
  • towel, hand wipes, sanitizer, comb, razor
  • Clothing for cold, wet and warm weather; coats, hats, toques, scarves; shoes, boots and sandals
  • Underwear and socks
  • Backpacks, suitcases, carry bags, etc.
  • Blankets, tarps, tents, bedrolls for outdoor living
  • Refreshments; homemade healthy snacks
  • Toiletries; shampoo; conditioner; dental care; hair care, first aid creams, sprays, etc
  • Heaters for the winter; hand warmers
  • Small amounts of money for bus, pool showers, car gas, groceries
  • Vouchers for Tim Hortons, Pizza Place, McDonalds
  • Food vouchers once a month for those living below the poverty level in a motorhome, RV trailer or apartment
  • Gift Box of supplies for clients going into Detox or Rehab

Some Extras

  • Life on Wheels ministry wants to be without offence in the community, so we do regular garbage pick up from the bin to the stop signs in both directions along the railroad tracks and the road. We keep our area clean and tidy and discourage all tenting and junk accumulation from the homeless.
  • In the past two Christmas seasons we prepared and handed out over 100 gift bags. We also gave out free pizza dinners; McDonald certificates for $10, and many food vouchers for $25 and $50, which were all donated. The people feel so loved, cared for and encouraged, showing much thankfulness for these small gifts of compassion.



Regarding "Life On Wheels", AUG 2022

I am forwarding this letter as a thank you, and also to offer words of encouragement to volunteers and those who are receiving help, as I did.

 I found myself, in August 2022, with no where to live and a heavy dependence on alcohol. Through my (wonderful) Christian sister, I was referred to Life On Wheels. I arrived from the Sidney area, not long after, met Cheryl and was located in a trailer on Bob’s property. 

 During the months I was there, I received much help. As there are natural challenges to meeting needs when offering someone living space in a trailer, water needed to provided and refuse taken away and there were sometimes problems with the units I was in. This being the case, Cheryl, her husband and Margie had to help with things often. I was fortunate to have my brother in law’s regular help with getting groceries etc, also. When a second trailer was put into place, others were helped in the same manner and given that they didn’t have the benefit of the kind of family support I had, volunteers; Brandon and Gail, were helping regularly and I had the pleasure of meeting both. Myself and others were given rides to church every Sunday and enjoyed the services, inspiring company and great lunches. I wish to extend my gratitude to Pastor Aneil and his Ministry here, as well. I was prayed for and given great spiritual support when there. I also met others who had overcome the challenges of addiction and or homelessness (*I found the Church’s dedication to those struggling very touching, as with Life On Wheels).  To anyone receiving the care and assistance, as I did, I wish you the best on your journey and wish for you to feel inspired by these amazing folk’s love and compassion. I don’t want to make this a long read but hope I’m conveying my sincerest thank you and well wishes. I am doing well as of writing this and looking forward to more better days of sobriety, improving mental health and Faith. I’m sure I forgot to thank someone, but I definitely want to mention Bob, a very wise and interesting gentleman, without whom, my stay wouldn’t have been possible and also Noah for his good graces as well. And also Kelsie for her guidance. 

 Hope this is helpful, Cheryl and thank you again so much for everything and may the Lord continue to inspire you and others and please take good care of yourselves too!

Anonymous Client detoxing from alcohol and rehab

Regarding "Life on Wheels", MAY 2023

In November of last fall I had tried all resources, while escaping 34 years of domestic abuse.  One of my Constables wanted me off Vancouver Island police told me after 6 breeches leave this community which I had lived in my whole life.  To keep a roof over my head and my dog, I was in Duncan safe house, Sooke Safe house and 9 hotel rooms. While I established and stabilized in a new community I hit my rock bottom. In Duncan Motel I was on my last paid night and had no foreseeable resources.

I went to the Sea Can for some prayer and support not knowing exactly what resources they had. I first met Joyce and gave her a screenshot of what I was going through and we prayed and she asked me to meet Chery Howard.  Once I spoke with Cheryl they were able to find me temporary housing for myself, Spike (Dog) and Pepper. While I was staying at the trailer with Life on wheels they assisted me with finding housing, a doctor and medical treatment and a community both in faith and support. This has extended these supports both while at trailer and with my transition into permanent housing.

In January of this year I required my 5th emergency surgery on my stomach. I had developed two feet of necrotic bowel which caused a series of problems which required emergency surgery. Then after I was sent home I as readmitted within 9 days for a second emergency surgery, a fully formed abscess and infection. The recovery was long and hard, but the community at Life on Wheels supported me by checking in and providing me with council, fellowship and prayer.

Anonymous Client recovering from Domestic abuse circumstances

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I've been out there. And that's why I'm here.

About Us

A Bit of our Focus....

Life on Wheels is focused on solving the addiction problem. It takes much courage, leadership, communication and love to engage with these needy and traumatized people. We do not pressure people, we always ask if they want help to detox and go to rehab, immediate help to meet practical needs, prayer, or a Bible to connect them with God's love. We have seen violence, overdose  and murder increase in the Cowichan Valley over the past almost two years. The Duncan area has become more crowded with homelessness and addiction, bringing crime and violence with it. This is a trend that will most likely worsen over the next few years.


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WE ARE LOCATED ... On the railroad tracks, Island Corridor property, between Duncan Avenue and Canada Avenue, in front of Service B. C. - with a Green For Life Metal Storage Container and our Pop up Tent, we are open to receive street people.

CONTACT: Cheryl Howard 250-706-2428


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